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Aster Graphics is the First With Full Range Dongle Solution; Awarded New U.S. Patent

on 6/25/18 9:17 AM . Posted in Company News

Aster is excited to announce that it is the first to provide a complete solution with the release of its newest design for dongle gear cartridges. With a user-friendly design, the cartridges are available for all Canon and HP dongle devices, including the popular 505A/X, 280A/X, 255A/X, 226A/X and 287A/X. The simplicity of the Aster innovation allows for a user-friendly experience and mimics the installation and removal of the OEM cartridges (U.S. Patent NO. 9,964,920).

The basis of Canon’s February lawsuit was the claim of infringement on several of Canon’s continuation patents, granted between August 2017 and January 2018. These continuation patents are related to the previous Canon complaint and ITC investigation 337-TA-918.

Canon’s original dongle patents protect the design movement as the “coupling member axis is inclined with respect to the drum axis.”




Canon’s continuation patents protect the design movement “between the first position and the second position in the direction of the OPC axis.”



In following Aster’s history of innovation, the new cartridge design does not incorporate any of Canon’s above noted construction and does not infringe any of the asserted Canon patents. The coupling member on the Aster cartridge is fixed and does not incline or change distance.




The installation and removal of Aster’s new design cartridges is as easy as the OEM’s. By utilizing Aster patent technology (U.S. Patent NO. 9,964,920), the cartridge slides smoothly in and out of the printer and ensures a proper engagement with the drive gear. The result is a user-friendly experience with exceptional cartridge print output.      

Aster Graphics always respects the intellectual property of third parties and our own innovation has been a core business initiative. Aster Graphics allocates a significant amount of its resources into patent research during the development process of new products and designs. Since our inception in 2011, Aster Graphics has applied for over 300 patents worldwide. Our products have never been subject to a seizure order and our product supply has never been interrupted. Our customers will continue to have our support and we will continue to provide innovative and high quality products that help win new business in the marketplace. 

About Aster Graphics

Aster Graphics is a global organization that manufactures and distributes printer consumable products. With operations in Asia, North America and Europe, Aster’s customers are supported by knowledgeable company representatives that are close to the geographical markets served. Aster Graphic products are delivered through an extensive global network of wholesale, distributor and retail channel partners. Aster’s main production facility is located in JiangXi, China and is led by the most experienced team of veterans in the industry, including patent, customs and international trade lawyers.   



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